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Project Scope

This project is to evolve the Nonclinical Study Data Reviewer's Guide (nSDRG), based on comments from a public PHUSE review, plus to adapt it to updates of the FDA Technical Conformance Guide. The project continues to check and align with the SDRG template and guide developed by the Optimizing the Use of Data Standards Working Group for clinical studies.

Preparation of a Study Data Reviewer’s Guide (SDRG) is recommended as an integral part of a CDISC standards-compliant study data submission. The challenge is to operationalise this new documentation requirement efficiently and effectively.

Challenges we seek to answer with this project:

  • Provide a practical template for easy access and use

  • Provide guidance document which describes expected content and options to guide nonclinical SDRG authors.

  • Provide authors with examples, describing how to handle different data situations with SDRG content.

Things we expect to learn along the way:

  • Exploration of ways to generate the nonclinical SDRG and who should do the job.

  • The SDRG is expected to be useful by FDA reviewers. Can it also be useful for other nonclinical study stakeholders?

  • Will the SDRG evolve as systems and processes gain expertise in the new SEND requirements for submission of nonclinical data?

Project Leads


Debra Oetzman

Sue DeHaven

Paula Rowley (PHUSE Project Assistant) 

Objectives and DeliverablesTimelines
Maintain the Nonclinical SDRG based on FDA's TCG and any public feedback Q2 2021 

titleCurrent Status

Team review of next template and guide completed, and proposed updates agreed.Release for concurrent public review and FDA review in August.working on completion of review for public comments. 

Published Deliverables
nSDRG PackageVersion 1.1, 17-Mar-2017
Maintaining the Clinical & Nonclinical Study Data Reviewers Guides CSS 2018 Workshop

Nonclinical SDRG Package

The Nonclinical SDRG package has been developed to comply with the FDA's Study Data Technical Conformance Guide. The current version of this document can be found at the website: FDA Data Standards Resources. The nSDRG team continues to monitor FDA's Technical Conformance Guide updates (which occur 2X per year, expected in MAR and OCT) and also public comments received from users of nSDRG. As these new inputs are evaluated, we will post answers in the SEND Implementation Forum, and update the published documents as needed. Stay tuned for update announcements.

Project Members 

Anja MetzgerBayer

Brett Coupland


Cathy Roy


Christy Kubin 

MPI Research

Daniel Potenta 

PDS Life Sciences

Debra Oetzman


Deepika V.G 

PointCross Life Sciences
Florence Halbert Novartis
Gitte Frausing Data Standards Decisions
Hepei Chen FDA
Jack Baker Labcorp 
Jennifer Feldmann Epreda
Karen Porter PointCross
Kenneth Hershman Novartis
Kimberley HolichAbbVie

Project Members 


Linda Hunt 


Lindsy Eickhoff 


Mandie Rhodes 

Bristol Myers Squibb

Mark Carfagna 

Eli Lilly
Matthew WhittakerFDA
Maureen Rossi Roche
Michael Rosentreter Bayer
Nicola Robertson GSK
Paul Brown FDA
Rick Thompson Janssen Research & Development
Senthil Palani Xybion
Steve PolleyGSK
Susie Lendal Antvorskov Data Standards Decisions
Soujanya KondaIQVIA 
Tania Smith Labcorp
William Houser Bristol Myers Squib