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The PHUSE Working Groups come together to ADVANCE unmet computational science needs in support of health development. Participating in numerous initiatives and attending events allows PHUSE to continue to Connect - Share – Advance. 

The PHUSE community is steadily growing and continues to advance its role as the global healthcare data science community. With this, PHUSE ​has established events specifically focused on Working Groups, each with a particular area of focus.

The following events were held by ​the Working Groups, which can be viewed on-demand below. Visit the PHUSE website for all upcoming events. 

PHUSE has established itself as the world’s largest home for data transparency events. If you are passionate about advancing this fast-moving field, then this is the event for you! 

Expert Answers to Community Questions enables the PHUSE Community to ask their questions on a particular topic to experts in the field. Hear from a panel of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from PHUSE, CDISC and the FDA, who will discuss their own experiences and address questions from the audience in a truly interactive way.

Data Transparency Winter 2022 Multi-day Event – Summary and Recording 

Data Transparency Summer 2021 Multi-day Event – Summary and Recording 

Data Transparency Winter 2021 Multi-day Event – Summary and Recording 

Data Transparency Summer 2020 Multi-day Event – Summary and Recording 

Expert Answers to Community Questions – 30th July 2021 Summary and Recording

Expert Answers to Community Questions – 26th March 2021 Summary and Recording 

The PHUSE CSS is an FDA co-sponsored, US-based annual Working Groups event providing the opportunity to work with industry, regulatory agencies and academia. This interactive event allows you to actively participate on pre-defined topics aligned with Working Groups activities. All event content can be found on the PHUSE Archive.

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