Project Scope 

  • Landscape of what CICD is used today across the pharmaverse, and key pre-named reference packages outside the pharmaverse used in clinical reporting (e.g. ggplot2, survminer).
  • Summarise integration deployment and release pain points within these R packages.
  • Connect with the R Validation Hub and vendor tooling (e.g. Atorus openvalidate) to understand what key devops tooling could be applied to packages to accelerate validation.
  • Deliverable 1: Summarise the state of DevOps in the pharmaverse today, with proposals on key tools used already, and where there are gaps.
  • Deliverable 2: Develop the existing CICD library used in some pharmaverse R packages (referenced earlier in this proposal) to:
    • deliver a recommended suite of CICD tools for R and python packages that improve developer efficiency, and ensure code is well tested and consistent when merged to branch
    • provide off-the-shelf configurations to use tools such as docker images managed locally or via Github codespaces to simplify environment management.
Project LeadsEmail 
Dinakar Kulkarni, 
James Black,
Ben Straub,
Alex Pearce, PHUSE Project Assistant


  • Version 1 released
  • Currently in feedback and iterative improvement phase
Objectives & DeliverablesTimelines 
Preparation of deliverable for PHUSE US Connect 2024Q3 2023
V1.0 of suite/library of CICD tools releasedQ4 2023
Support adoption across pharmaverse and biostatistics packages where maintainers are willing to collaborateQ1 2024 
Close V1.0 with hackathon in the lead-up to the PHUSE CSS 2024Q2/Q3 2024
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