Since the first PHUSE Data Transparency Event in 2020, PHUSE have continued to strengthen its place as the world’s largest home for data transparency events, by sharing vital knowledge of the field and creating a space where questions can be asked and challenges addressed. PHUSE Data Transparency Events take place twice a year, once in the Summer and once in Winter, in bitesize afternoon chunks from 15:00 to 17:30 (GMT). The events look to meet the ongoing needs of data transparency within the clinical development arena and features thought-provoking presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions from experts in the data sharing field. See below a list of previous Data Transparency Events. All content is available on the PHUSE Archive
Thank you!

On behalf of the Data Transparency Working Group Leads, thank you to everyone who has supported PHUSE Data Transparency Events over the years! 

All presenters, attendees and sponsors support is highly appreciated. 

We hope you can continue to join us at future Data Transparency Events. 

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