Project Scope

This project team will create a White Paper with recommendations for listings to include in Clinical Study Reports based on shared learning from cross-industry participants, to address changes in data availability over time.

Project LeadsEmails
Mercy Navarro (Genentech) 
Nancy Brucken (IQVIA)

Katie Warren (PHUSE Project Assistant)
Objectives & DeliverablesTimelines

PharmaSUG final paper

Q2 2022
PharmaSUG slidesQ2 2022

PHUSE US Connect poster

Q2 2022


  • Received journal submission response with comments to be addressed before publication
  • White Paper published on the PHUSE website
Project MembersOrganisation
Anna LeathEli Lilly
Kim MusgraveAmgen
Kirthi RangarajuPfizer
Maria DaltonGSK
Mary NilssonEli Lilly
Raj PhadtareCorvus Pharma
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