Project Scope

Analysis scripts for SEND data would be valuable tools. Can existing clinical scripts be used to help develop Nonclinical scripts? What is the best process for prioritising, developing and releasing analysis scripts for SEND data?

Project LeadsEmail
Kevin Snyder (FDA)

William Houser (Bristol Myers Squibb)

Katie Warren (PHUSE Project Assistant)
Objectives & DeliverablesTimelines
Create software that generates SEND data useful for demonstrating data visualisation tools, testing software that receives data from the standard, especially as standards are approaching finalisation. 2021
Create large enough data sets for testing visualisation for data loading tools for capacity testing 2021
Create example code to show: R script creation of XPT files, R script reading of the standard, R script reading of CT files.2021 

Project Members 

Anthony FataSNBL

Atul Mishra


Bill Houser

Bristol Myers Squibb

Bill Varady

Boehringer Ingelheim

Bob Friedman


Dhamodharan Ravindiran


Drashtti Vasant

Elaine Thompson FDA
Eli MillerAtorus Research
Fred MuraPDS Life Sciences

Project Members 


Hanming Tu

Frontage Laboratories

Jarad Slain

MPI Research

Kevin Cahill


Kevin Snyder

Michael DeNieu Labcorp
Michael RosentreterBayer
Raymond Deheer Charles River
Sabbir AhmedFDA
Susan ButlerFDA

Sweta Khare

Wenxian WengBristol Myers Squibb


  • Presented SEND igR package at the PHUSE US Connect.
  • Utilised feedback from validator results to improve the quality of generated SEND datasets. 

Getting GitHub script repository access for Contributors

  1. Create account on GitHub site
  2. Send Hanming Tu ( your GitHub ID asking to be a contributor.
  3. Hanming will send an invitation that will come as an email from "GitHub"
  4. If you don't see the invitation link in your email, you can accept the invitation from
  5. You can download/clone a whole repository to your computer if you have a client for the repository. You can get either TortoiseSVN ( or GitHub desktop ( See the useful links at
  6. Read other getting-started information here:
  7. To see a list of contributed scripts
    1. get into GitHub and select the tab for the Wiki
    2. Look at the list on the right side and open the link for Simple Index
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