Project Scope 

This group is designed to serve as an open-source platform for addressing queries related to real-world data (RWD). We aim to create an environment similar to Stack Overflow, where you can receive answers to your questions. 

Problem Statement

Every organisation has internal documents of learnings and best practices for conducting research with real-world data. This could take the form of database quirks, standard cohort definitions and preferred algorithms. There is currently no open-source alternative to the internal documents, which leads to duplicated errors, slower learning at the individual level and slower advancement of real-world evidence at the industry level.

Problem Impact

Having an open-source option for these learnings to be recorded and shared will lead to less duplication of effort, faster evolution of the real-world evidence space, and ultimately better insights for participants and patients. Stakeholders include data vendors, pharma and any other entity that uses real-world data.

Project LeadsEmail 
David Hood, Axtria

Nicola Newton, PHUSE Project Assistant 


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A collection of frequently asked questions about using Real World Evidence has been compiled by the team. Check out the Real World Evidence Guidance Q&A page to see some of the teams' responses and the schedule of upcoming questions.

Objectives & Deliverables


Project kick offQ2 2023
Create 5 seed example Q&A postsQ2 2023
Abstract to be posted on PHUSE education website to raise awareness of this forumQ3 2023
Email/social media campaign to raise awarenessQ3 2023
Publish questions Ongoing 
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