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New to SEND? 

The Fundamentals series of pages will help you learn about SEND.

  • SEND Fundamentals - Basics on SEND, such as what it is, where to find the implementation guide, and how to use it
  • CT Fundamentals - Basics on Controlled Terminology, such as what it is and where to find it
  • Define Fundamentals - Basics on the define.xml, such as what it is and key links and preparation information
  • Getting SEND-ready - A guide for new implementers, with such information as where to start, things to consider, etc.
Implementing SEND

Below are the key pages for implementers from a day-to-day basis:


For more links, see the SEND Implementation Resources page.


Interested in contributing? These pages give information on working with SEND

  • Usage Guidelines - For usage guidelines and terms of use
  • SEND Implementation Contributor Guide (COMING SOON) - For specifics on contributing to the SEND Implementation 

This content is brought to you by the SEND Implementation User Group team.

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