Project Scope

Execute an annual survey process to objectively collect data that enables detection of impactful issues and trends (both good and bad) that can be acted upon by the PHUSE community

The survey will:
- provide SDOs with actionable information regarding improvements to their standards.
- enable CROs, software developers and data service providers, with extensive data management experience, an opportunity to provide actionable recommendations
- provide Sponsors with information on how they can better leverage their SEND investments.

Results of the survey will be presented at the PHUSE/FDA CSS. 

Project Leads


Janice M Fiori (Eli Lilly)

Mike Harwood  (Instem)
Katie Warren (PHUSE Project Assistant)
Objectives & DeliverablesTimelines 

Launch Survey 

Q2 2022 
Present survey results in a poster at PHUSE/FDA CSS 2022Q3 2022


Analysing survey results to present a poster and presentation at the PHUSE/FDA CSS 2022.

Published Deliverables 
2015 SEND Survey Results presented at the CSS 2016 event 
2016 SEND Survey Results presented at the CSS 2017 event 
2017 SEND Survey Results presented at the CSS 2018 event 
2018 SEND Survey Results presented at the CSS 2019 event 
2019 SEND Survey Results presented at the CSS 2020 event 
Project Members Organisation 
Janice M Flori Eli Lilly 
Mike Harwood Instem 
Tania Smith Covance
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