The PHUSE Data Transparency Summer 2020 Multi-Day Event (3–5 June 2020) was a huge success, gaining a 98% satisfaction rate from our attendees. The event brought together engaged individuals on a global scale, and we thank all involved for contributing to what was a brilliant event. At PHUSE we pride ourselves on quality, and continually strive to deliver content of the highest standards to the PHUSE Community, encouraging conversation and engagement to drive industry research forward. Social distancing for large events is here to stay, and we are pleased to be able to still offer you the high standards of our face-to-face events.

Thank you to our DT Summer Meeting 2020 sponsors...

A big thank you to all of our sponsors of the DT Summer Event 2020. This virtual event allowed us to screen our sponsors’ promotional videos in between presentation intervals, which was well received by our attendees.

Click below to view sponsor videos from our Platform Sponsor Privacy Analytics, and our Media Contributors Kinapse and Vivli, to find out more about what these companies do.



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